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My Quirks

...everything you've ever wanted to know about ME!

** updated August 1, 2004! I copied Jenny & Shelby! This one's interesting I promise!**

100 things about me you may not have known:

1.  I have a freckle between my 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot.

2.  Things I never leave home without: my cell phone, lip gloss, sunglasses and a rubber band.

3.  I think that I am the luckiest girl alive because I have Stephen!

4.  I'm currently obsessed with Harry Potter.  I've read the first two, started the third and can't wait to see the movies!!

5.  My favorite colors are purple, pink, turquoise, and a shade of green somewhere between lime and olive.

6.  I'm addicted to making lists.  Grocery lists, shopping lists, to do lists, lists of baby names, wedding songs, ideas, and things to pack. You name it, I've probably made a list of it.

7.  However, I VERY RARELY actually use the lists, they just make me feel more productive at the moment.

8.  My dream job is to own my own salon and boutique - but mostly just so I can decorate it really cute and get to shop at market. I want someone else to do all the work.

9.  I have a tattoo of a cross on the top of my right foot. I LOVE it, but have no desire for more tattoos.

10.   Most attractive qualities in a guy: honest, funny, sweet and understanding.

11. My first kiss was when I was 15. I think. Yuk.

12.  I used to like scary movies but now they freak me out, I guess it's because I live in a house full of girls now.

13.  I love shoes. I have more pairs than anyone I know, except maybe my mom. And Natalin.

14.  My greatest fear used to be that I'd live alone forever and never have my own family.

15.  Now my greatest fear is probably that I won't be a good wife or mother, or that we won't have any money!

16.  My favorite smells are cookies baking in the oven, my ginger/currant candles from Pier One, exhaust from boats, cinnamon, and Abercrombie Seven cologne on my hunny.

17.  I have a mix of sorority stuff, pictures, and nice stuff on my bedroom walls... as well as my cross collection.

18.  I always thought I hated poker, but I learned how to play poker and texas hold 'em in Galveston and I very quickly got very addicted! I'm good at it too! If only I had money to gamble with.

19.  I've been reading since I was three. I think my family thought I was an absolute genius.

20.  I love to swim. I really miss that.

21.  I like to pick out mistakes in spelling or grammar in books, advertisements and other stuff. It makes me so angry, yet so happy at the same time. I get very frustrated about that.  Also, I used to compete in spelling bees. My worst word to lose on ever: "awkward", I left out a W.  Mrs. Coleman (my 6th grade principal) made fun of me every day from then on out. I bet if I walked up to her today she'd say "Hey there awkward how ya doin?"

22.  My closet is extremely disorganized. However, every hanger in there is matching - white plain plastic. There will be no wire hangers for me. I have to buy hangers almost every time I go to walmart cause I never have enough, except I don't think I could fit ONE more hanger in there cause it's soooo STUFFED.

23.  My dream car is a range rover. But more realistically, I want a Volkswagen Touareg or a 4-Runner

24.  It really bugs me to drink out of a glass with no straw. Also, I prefer a really cold drink with no ice if at all possible.

25.  I am allergic to the combination of alcohol and any type of food coloring... fd &c red #40, yellow # 5, etc. It makes me break out in hives, get really hot and my ears get full of pressure and heat and feel like they are going to fly off my head. The first time everyone thought I was just drunk, then it started happening every time. It sucks.

26.  I love reading just about anything that I wasn't assigned to read.

27.  I have dyed my hair just about any color there is... from platinum, to dark brown, to reddish, to hot pink!!

28.  I know all of the songs to the musical "Annie" by heart. Also the Little Mermaid, Grease and other Disney movies.

29.  Actually, I know most of the words to most songs... you can pretty much put it on any radio station and I can sing along.

30.  My shopping weaknesses are tops, eye shadow, lip gloss, BAGS, jewlery, shoes, skirts, decorations for my house, OK I should probably stop now, apparently I have tons of weaknesses!!

31.  I hate yellow gold, its extremely tacky. The only time you'll catch me in it are:
a. When I get my aggie ring on November 4th!! WHOOOOP!! :)
b. occasionally when an outfit just calls for my plain gold hoop earrings

32.  I would love to tell you the names for my kids but you might steal them!! That's also one of my biggest fears! haha

33.  I despise cats. I don't really like dogs either. I guess they're both OK as long as they don't touch me, lick me, or shed anywhere near me or my belongings.

34.  My biggest pet peeves: bad drivers, people who talk just to be heard, most corps boys, lying, bragging......

35.  I would love to be on a TV game show, Trading Spaces, or reality show, except I'd NEVER do it because I am way too camera shy!

36.  I have a special pillow that I take everywhere with me and sleep with every night. Stephen gets jealous. It's covered in black mascara-tear stains all over it from all my past lonely nights.

37.  I can't tolerate to be in a room without the ceiling fan on, or in a car without the a/c on. Circulation, please. Thanks.

38. I would absolutely LOVE to own a beach house when I'm older.

39. I love to watch sports. Pretty much any team, any sport, I can get into it.

40.  It makes me mad when the movie doesn't follow the same storyline as the book!!

41.  I could eat raw cookie dough, brownie batter, or cake batter until I puked.

42.  I think I could quite possibly live on nothing but rice-a-roni and water.

43.  I don't like watermelon, grape, or peach flavored candy or drinks.

44.  I can't stand it when my hands or feet feel dirty.

45.  I'm semi-paranoid about accidentally eating spoiled food. My roomate Jill picked up a piece of moldy bread the other day, tore off the moldy pieces, and made a sandwich with it. Just the thought made me wanna throw up.

46.  I hate the smell of seafood, therefore I've only tried it a couple of times ever.  Sometimes I can stand to eat fried shrimp.  I just picture the little fish swimming around in the ocean when I see/smell seafood.

47.  If I could be anyone else in the world, it would be me after an Extreme Makeover! haha

48.  I usually pick an outfit to wear somewhere... decide it looks bad, try on 10 other outfits that also look bad, and proceed to put the first one back on and feel satisfied. Melissa and Stephen both LOOOOVE that habit of mine :)

49.  I collect bottle caps, crosses, sharks teeth, seashells, and Fiesta dishes.

50.  I have 133 numbers in my cell phone.

51.  I have 167 people on my buddy list. I used to have 200 and each time I added someone I'd have to delete someone, but I cleared it out a while back.

52.  I love reading trashy romance novels. But they do get old sometimes. Girl needs man. Girl goes on wild dates. Girl gets burned. Girl meets great guy. They live happily ever after.  Just change the name from Kendall to Samantha to Tiffany... make the guy a cop, then a lawyer, then an artist... and it's basically all the same book.

53.  I have absolutely NO desire to visit New York City.

54.  I love Scrabble, Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit and any other thinking game!

55.  I thought I'd be cute and plant all these pretty flowers in our front flower beds. Then the weeds came. The flowers are all now either dead or completely hidden by gigantic weeds. Oh well.

56.  My favorite slippers are huge pink fuzzy flip flop ones. I always forget to wear them though!

57.  I absolutely CANNOT wait to be married to Stephen!!

58.  Did you know that Diet Rite is actually VERY GOOD? Well it is.. and it comes in all these neat flavors too!

59.  I've seen every episode of I Love Lucy, Trading Spaces, and Friends.

60.  I love roller coasters... Ive been begging Stephen to take me for months. no luck.

61.  I get violently car sick a lot. Even just driving across town, but especially on long distances.

62.  My favorite lip gloss is my Clinique gloss in Mystic.

63.  My favorite colors to wear are black, pink and blue. I'm branching out more though!

64.  I sleep on my side usually but I toss and turn like crazy.

65.  I don't want to dance at my wedding. Is that bad?

66.  I never balance my checkbook anymore.

67.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth. 

68.  It bothers me that if I download a cute font, others can't see it on my AIM or website unless they also download it.

69.  I like to wear two shirts whenever possible. The bottom one to suck me in of course.

70.  I'm an away message stalker.  I even read people's that I don't even talk to anymore! 

71.  I feel embarrassed when someone mentions someone and I know what they are "up to" these days simply because I've kept up with their profile, away message, xanga, etc.

72.  When we were younger, I read a book called More Spaghetti Please to my brother almost every day.

73.  My daddy used to read books completely backwards to Tres and I. We thought it was the funniest thing ever.  We also played basketball with the socks in the laundry hamper.  Wow... we weren't really THAT primitive! Yikes!

74.  I've seen the movie "Dumb & Dumber" so many times I have it memorized.

75.  I miss high school sometimes.

76.  Yet I can't WAIT to be a wife, mom and salon owner.

77.  I could never pick a single best memory from high school - we had so much fun, all the time!

78.  I absolutely cannot stand to work out in front of other people.  I honestly would go work out like twice a day if I had a gym all to myself!

79.  I got my ears pierced on my 8th birthday. I got stainless steel studs.

80.  When I was younger, I had a hair bow, a pair of earrings and Keds to match EVERY outfit. I even used to wear earrings made out of tiny koosh balls, or some other random thing my mom and I would turn into jewelry.

81.  I could live in my 3 pairs of Reefs forever. Although my Shox rule too.

82.  If I would have been born a few hours later, I would have been born on Halloween. Maybe I would've been a witch... and I could've gone to Hogwarts with Harry Potter and Hermione!! OK I'm a nerd, I know.

83.  When my brother was younger, he looked freakishly like Macullay Culkin. Therefore, my parents would not allow me to see the movie My Girl like everyone else because he died in it and they thought I'd be too sad.

84.  This year was the first time I'd ever had a date or even a gift/card/flowers from a guy on Valentines Day. I love you Stephen!

85.  I love jokes but I can NEVER remember them so I can't ever tell them.

86.  I'm extraordinarily clumsy. I never played sports when I was younger. Just swimming and dance for me!!

87.  My mommy calls me Sugar Plum and my Daddy calls me Baby Girl. :)

88.  Stephen calls me Pinky.

89.  I hate the movie Forrest Gump. I'm sorry... I know everyone else on Earth loves it, but it's just toooo sad for me. I saw it once, and refuse to ever see it again. I want to cry just thinking about it now.

90.  Once, my parents got mad at me and told me I'd start having a curfew at night - I got so upset over the fight that I hyperventilated and they had to call 911 because I lost all control of my muscles, including my tongue - so I couldn't talk. By the way, they never gave me that curfew. Haha...

91.  Kristen means "annointed one", which means Christian.

92.  I used to go to at least one concert a week with Mel. Life was good :)

93.  I am absolutely horrified of drugs...just the thought of them makes me worried and upset.
To me, doing drugs is the absolute epitomy of "bad". I'm always scared someone I care about will get involved with them.

94.  I'm a wild sleeper. My top sheet always ends up in a clump at the foot of the bed. I can't stand my feet to be under the covers so I usually have one leg and both feet hanging out of the covers.

95.  There are all kinds of things named after my family in Waxahachie.  My grandmother lives in a house that was built by my great-great-great-grandfather like 200 years ago, it still has a carriage house, slave's quarters and a pump shed behind it.

96.  When I was little, my dad was a farmer and I used to ride with him in the tractor or the combine.

97.  Also when I was little, my mom worked at the bank and I stayed home with my grandmother, and on April Fools day I told my grandmother I had a great trick to play on her. So I called her and said, "Mommy, I turned into a green bean!"

98.  I've only left the country once, and that was to Acuna with my family and Melissa. My dad made us go back because the Mexican men kept staring and whistling at Mel and I and he was getting mad.

99.  I would love to be a 50's style housewife.  Wear an a-line skirt with full hair and makeup, with an apron, and clean house all day, and wait on my kids to get home from school and give them fresh baked cookies and milk, then have a gourmet dinner on the perfectly set table when my husband gets home from work... it'd be so fun!!

100.  Some of my favorite Halloween costumes over the years: a hula girl, a unicorn (my mom made me the most amazing costume ever!), Kirsten (the american girl doll), and a Black Widow. I miss those days!!!


My Birthday:  October 30, 1982

My Favorite Movies: how to lose a guy in 10 days, oceans eleven, top gun, finding nemo, parent trap, mona lisa smile, dumb & dumber, uptown girls, sweet home alabama, pearl harbor, minority report, the recruit, toy story 1&2, and many more...

Favorite Magazines: Oprah, Cosmo, Glamour, Budget Living, house decorating mags, and Lucky

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Dr.Phil, Oprah, Trading Spaces and every other TLC show, game shows, Newlyweds, RealWorld/Road Rules

Favorite color: Purple (bet you couldn't have guessed that one.....)

Collections: crosses, pictures & frames, seashells and sharks teeth, bottle caps

Favorite Car:  Volkswagen Touareg... hope to be getting one in about a year!!!!

Things I hate: school, rain, waking up early, fighting, being lonely, seafood, dancing, bad drivers, liars, cats, complaining

Favorite article of clothing: flip flops and skirts

Favorite beer: Miller Lite or Michelob Ultra

Favorite alcoholic drink: Italian margarita, amaretto sour, sangria or white zinfandel, pina colada

Most overused slang/saying: "awesome", "ummm", "wow"

Worst Habits: procrastinating, doodling, taking forever to get ready, and being messy

Favorite Vacation:  the beach!!!!!!!!!

If I were to be stranded on a deserted island, I'd take:  Stephen, a radio, lip gloss and my sunglasses






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